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Technology has moved so far in the last 10 years in terms of cars. We went from buttons, to analog digital info displays and now colourful infotainment screens. We don’t need to jump out the car and see what is wrong anymore, we can simply run a in car diagnostic and reset on screen and we are good to go. Mobile technology has shifted hugely. Our phones have become increasingly more important so naturally being connected all the time is vital.

Cars slowly began to include bluetooth phone calling and loudspeaker systems, which then shifted to bluetooth audio to include listening to your favourite music from your phone thus making the aux jack redundant. However, having an aux every now and then is not so bad!

In the last 2 or so years my test cars have now included Apple Car Play and Android Auto, turning the in-car display screen into a exact replica of your mobile phones home screen. Brilliant right? I have found these systems to be super valuable and in a lot of cases, easier to navigate that the built in car software, even for the most technology inclined user. My parents for example found it easier to use the iPhone screen in the car than the native car software, simply because it made them feel a lot more comfortable than learning another operating system.


All cars come with an in built system for car settings and a few other commands, but with Apps for all phones coming with native car apps on Apple Car Play and Android Auto, does this make the built in system redundant? Has Apple and Androids infusion into automotive systems made things better or worse?

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